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F/UTP OUTDOOR DIRECT BURIAL RATED SOLID COPPER CABLES. UV resistant jacket designed to withstand sunlight, dirt, snow, and moisture. Rugged and durable for extreme environments. Bury directly in the ground or use in conduit.

Cat6 pure copper outdoor direct burial waterproof F/UTP UV 4-pairs 23 AWG Network cable 1000ft U/V Resistant and HDPE Insulated LDPE Jacket available in black color

Buy best Direct Burial CAT6 outdoor water proof cable is made for the uses for those all applications that requires the cable to be directly in ground or outdoor with or without the use of conduit.

Direct Burial CAT6 is made with a polyethylene (PE) jacket to protect the cable from water, and extreme temperatures. Four color-striped pairs make it easy to install and reduces alien crosstalk. This cable can be measured and cut to exact distances, then terminated to a connector, jack, or patch panel. This CAT6 cable is certified and fluke tested with DSX-8000 cable analyzer for gigabit Ethernet and 350Mhz.

Product Features:

U/V Resistant and Water Proof HDPE Insulated LDPE Jacket

Thick Polyethylene (PE) Protective Jacket for Indoor/Outdoor use

Color: Black

Cat6 Certified Transfer Rate: 10/100/1000 mbps (1000Base-T Gigabit).

1000-foot of Foiled shielded twisted pair Ethernet cable 

100% solid pure copper construction 

Four pairs - FUTP Foiled shielded Twisted Pair

Conductor 23AWG / 0.57mm                                             


Supplied in 1000ft Wooden Spool

Supports all your devices

TV, Server, Media Server, Gaming Console, Wi-Fi Router, Printer, Computer/Laptop, Telephone

Packaging: Wooden Spool in brown box packaging

Insulation: HDPE 1.01±0.03mm

Jacket: Black UV/Waterproof LDPE 5.8±0.03mm


Gigabit Ethernet 

100 Mbps TPDDI, 155 Mbps ATM 

IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.5, IEEE 802.12, ISDN, VOICE

Regulatory Approvals - RoHS

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